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Unique Gift Guide for All Silhouette Users

all things silhouette club cameo 4 cutting fabric silhouette america silhouette cameo silhouette tools Dec 06, 2021

I don't know about your family, but mine is always asking me what I would like for Christmas or birthdays!  They all know that I craft & sew -- but have no idea what I have or what I would need!  So, I thought I would share with you what I think are some of the Top 5 Unique Gifts for Silhouette Users -- that people might not think about!!   These are all things that I personally own & use all of the time in my Silhouette creating! 

#5 - Transparent T-Shirt Ruler Guide - These t-shirt rulers are easy to use. It makes centering Heat Transfer Vinyl and sublimating images a breeze. Just align a suitable ruler with the collar of the shirt and use the measurement mark to center the image before pressing. It will precisely help you adjust the design of shirts, T-shirts and many other round and V-neck clothes.  This transparent set comes with guides for adults, youth & kids.  


#4 - Tool Case for all Silhouette Blades - I love this case so much that I have two!!   It will hold all types of Silhouette Blades -- for all of the machines!  It will also hold the Adapters for your older blades to fit in the Cameo 4.   The zipper pouch in the lid is perfect for smaller pieces or the little tool that comes with your Cameo.  It is padded to protect what is in side and measures 7 1/2" x 5" x 3 1/2" tall.   It keeps all of your blades handy & organized!

#3 - Mini Heat Press for Applying HTV and Fusible Fabric -   This mini Heat Press has a solid heating surface of 2.6" x 4.4" -- which makes it perfect for so many projects.  I have used it to apply Heat Transfer Vinyl to odd items like hats or shoes -- and even ceramic mugs!  Also, I have used it to apply fabric with a fusible backing to projects & fusing appliqué in my embroidery hoop!  It has 3 heat settings: - Low temperature: 284℉(140℃), Medium temperature: 320℉(160℃), High temperature:356℉(180℃).    It also has a silicone base that you can set the hot press on while you are crafting -- along with an auto shut-off if you forget to turn it off!  

#2 - Speedball Brayer --  While this brayer is typically used for Printmaking -- I find it invaluable for creating with my Silhouette.  I use it pretty much every time I cut something!  It is the best brayer that I have tried for adhering your material to the mat -- whether it is fabric, paper, vinyl, labels, HTV - -or just about anything that you want to cut!    I have tried other brands --  but always come back to this one!  It is the best!   Having your material securely adhered to your mat is a critical element in getting a good cut!

And the #1 Gift for All Silhouette Users is an annual Membership in the All Things Silhouette Club!  Join Silhouette users from around the world in learning new skills, becoming proficient with your Silhouette Studio software and machines, and creating beautiful things!  

The monthly projects are designed specifically to help you learn the features in Silhouette Studio and save time with simple tips & tricks. Experienced & knowledgeable instructors will share easy to follow video tutorials with step-by-step directions.

Whether you are new to Silhouette, or have been crafting a while - this is the place for you! Now is the time to join!!  The fee is only $15/month, or $150 for a year - -which saves you $30!  Join now -- the cost will be going up in 2022 -- and if you join before then, your fee will remain the same!  Learn More & Register Here

Hope you found this helpful ---  and can forward this on to the "Santas" in your life!  These things will help you be more successful & happy in your creating! 

Until next time -- 


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