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There's An App for That!

all things silhouette club all things silhouette conference silhouette classes May 17, 2022

With the upcoming All Things Silhouette Virtual Conference this weekend, it dawned on me that there are a lot of you who are new to Terri Johnson Creates.  And even those of you who have been around for a while may not know that we have an app where you can watch you classes on your Phone or Mobile Device!   I know we are all on the go these days, and this came to me because we have to take our RV in for some service this week.  Of course, it is right at the time that I have an Adobe Illustrator training class that I purchased & wanted to watch.   Then I remembered that this instructor uses the same platform that I do to host her classes -- so she is right there in my app library!  

So you can access & download this app from both the Apple App Store & Google Play.  It will work on both Apple and Android devices.   However, it is ONLY for your phone & mobile devices like your iPads and Tablets -- so you cannot install it onto your desktop or laptop.  (To view classes on your computer, you simply log into Terri Johnson Creates.)   The name of the app is "Kajabi" -- this is the platform that I use to host my classes & website -- so don't be confused. It will not say Terri Johnson Creates until you are logged into the app.   The icon for the app looks like this - 

Once you have installed the app onto your mobile device, you will need to create a log in.  The email that you use needs to be the same one that you used to register for the classes at Terri Johnson Creates.  I know that many of you have multiple emails, so double check to see which email you used to register for the ATS Virtual Conference or the All Things Silhouette Club.   If you have purchased other classes or offers that are hosted on Kajabi, you may see them in the app -- like I do.  Below, you can see that I have several Business classes, along with some fun ones.   You will also see Terri Johnson Creates Academy - and that is me!

Click on Terri Johnson Creates Academy and you will be taken to whatever products you have purchased, that are active in your Library.    It will look something like this -- depending on what you are enrolled in.    (If you are also enrolled in the Instructor Licensing, that will show up there, too!)

From there, click on the classes you would like to watch!  If you are registered for the All Things Silhouette Virtual Conference, it will look like this until Friday, May 20. After that, when the classes are released, you will be able to access the classes.  If you are a member of the All Things Silhouette Club, your app will look like this.   From here, you can click on the Month that you would like to watch and from there you can access all of the videos and downloads.   You can even leave a comment/question or view all of the ones that have been posted previously.  


So download the app today & never miss a moment of Terri Johnson Creates & all of our amazing classes!  



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