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New Machines from Silhouette America

Sep 18, 2023

I am so excited to share with you today the new machines from Silhouette America!  It has been 4 long years since Silhouette introduced the Cameo 4 -- and just this past week at the Silhouette Summit, they announced 4 new machines.   The Cameo 5 and Cameo 5 Plus, the Curio 2 and the Portrait 4.  The Curio 2 is shipping now in limited quantities, with the other machines being available later this Fall.   (Keep in mind that I do not have any machines yet - but a Curio 2 has been shipped & is on its way to me.  So as soon as I "get my hands" on these machines & do some test cutting, I will be sharing the results and tutorials with you!  

First, I want to tell you about all of the new technology introduced by Silhouette America in all of these machines that makes for a much better user experience!  

  • Silhouette New Architecture -- SNA --   This basically means that you will be able to cut with more precision and proficiency -- with greater forced and speed, greater diversity in the materials you can cut, and the machines are reported to be much quieter!!  This has been requested by everyone!  
  • Electrostatic Mat Technology - ES -  This new electrostatic mat generates a static electricity cutting field which safely holds your material in place while cutting - without an adhesive!  This means no curling or tearing, and significantly easier weeding.
  • Intelligent Path Technology - IPT - This technology optimizes the cutting order and sequence to give you a better, cleaner cut on a wide range of materials.  Silhouette shared that you can even cut multiple layers of thing materials!    I cannot wait to get my hands on these machines & test out these new features and share them with you!  

   Let me introduce these new machines to you.

  • Cameo 5 and Cameo 5 Plus  - Some of the new features of these machines includes:
    • Dual tool carriage - with a Powered Terminal in Tool Holder #2 to allow for new tools and capabilities (think foil quill!)   This also allows you to use the sketch pens in tool holder 2 while cutting in tools holder 1
    • New Easy Adjust pinch rollers to allow you to cut materials in a wider variety of sizes - -from 4.5" to 12" with our without a mat!    
    • Detachable Roll Feeder included with these machines, making this more stable
    • New front Auto Cross-cutter
    • Repeat job function is back!  This was highly requested.  
    • Emergency Stop when cuts go wrong!
    • Electrostatic mat compatible (not included with the Cameo 5)
    • Ultra quiet operation
    • New powered tools - -more on these later.  
  • The new Cameo 5 will be available in 4 colors - white, black, pink and Bianca Carrara -- and the 15" Cameo Plus will be available in white.    (There has been no announcement about the release of a Cameo 5 Pro).  
  • The price of the Cameo 5 is MSRP of $329.99 and will be shipping from mid-October for the black to early 2024 for the Bianca Carrara color.  The black machines will be shipping first.
  • The Cameo 5 Plus is $429.99 and will be shipping late October.

Curio 2 - The Curio 2 is completely redesigned as a flatbed cutting machine with 20mm of clearance and 12" cutting space.  It is equipped with an Electrostatic Bed and power tool options. Because of this it can load and cut more materials than any cutting machine in its class.

  • Materials stay stationary on the mat, instead of being rolled back & forth through the machine.  
  • The included Electrostatic mat holds thin materials in place, rather than adhesive or rollers.  
  • Clearance of thicker materials - up to 20mm
  • It can also handle a variety of material regardless of thickness or shape.
  • New tools and accessories available - including embossing & engraving!  The Curio 2 will have more tool options than any other previous Silhouette machine before!  
  • Better User Experience - More machine features provide a more satisfying experience for users.

  • Powered Terminal - The powered terminal opens up new creative possibilities by powering specialty tools.

  • Smart detection - The CURIO2 automatically detects the thickness of the material loaded into the machine.

  • The Curio2 is available NOW & shipping (in limited quantities - don't delay) and from Crafter Cuts -- MSRP is $429


Portrait 4 -  - The new Portrait 4 is an 8.5" width cutting machine that features the new technology introduced by Silhouette America

  • Offers an option to add an electrostatic mat, which allows for thin materials to be held in place without the need for rollers or an adhesive cutting mat.  
  •  Adaptive Sensor - Depending on the material surface, the Portrait 4 can adjust the sensitivity of the scanning sensor.  This increases the ability to properly scan registration marks successfully.  
  • Repeat Job Button
  • New front Auto Crosscutter
  • Easy Adjust Rollers
  • Powered Terminal
  • Emergency Stop
  • Quiet Operation

The Portrait 4  will be shipping mid-late October and retails for $219.99


All of these machines are available from CrafterCuts for pre-orders.   Be the first to receive your machines!   As soon as I receive mine, I will be sharing an unboxing & tutorials on these new machines.  I am so excited about the new technology & new machines coming from Silhouette America!

Stay tuned as I receive my machines, (My Curio 2 is on the way!!!),  open boxes and begin sharing with you my first impressions, getting started tutorials and answering your questions!    I know that you have a lot of questions & will have more!  I can answer a lot of those questions now & will continue to provide lots more material as it becomes available.  

If you haven't already - be sure to subscribe to my Blog here on the right hand side of the page -- for all of the updates, info & scoop on the new machines!    And also my YouTube channel - where I will be sharing tons of videos as these machines arrive!  I am so excited to share all of this with you!  

Until next time - Terri



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