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Free October Silhouette Design

Oct 08, 2021

Happy Friday!!  Its time for another "Friday Freebie"!   This one is special & close to my heart!  As I'm sure most of you aware, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  What you may or may not know, is that I am a 2 times Breast Cancer SurvivorSome BC Survivors don't like this month, or the whole "pink" thing -- they say breast cancer isn't pink - its ugly & messy - and that is true!   However, I do think that this month is important and a good thing!  I think its an opportunity to encourage women of all ages to check for breast cancer and get their mammograms.  I also think it's an opportunity to encourage those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.     

When I was first diagnosed, it was almost 39 years ago - and I was 27 years old and 6 months pregnant.  At that time, there was very little (if any) encouraging stories & information out there!  Everything was depressing. The 2nd time I went though this was almost 5 years ago, and I am currently NED (No Evidence of Disease)!  Thank you, God!   It was a much more advanced diagnosis & a much rougher treatment.  So, while I don't really want to focus on me and my story -- I want to encourage anyone who is going through this -- that there are some great advances in the treatment of breast cancer. I wanted to share a positive story!   Hang in there!   And to encourage everyone to do self exams & get your mammograms!  

And I created this design to remind everyone to take care of themselves & those that they love!   This is a 2 color/layer design that is great for Heat Transfer Vinyl, adhesive vinyl - or even sublimation!   So I hope you enjoy & wear it proudly! 


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